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John Jensen attorney a law lawyer Los Angeles Santa Monica

John Jensen advises individuals, business, and entities on all aspects of the law.  John Jensen has extensive experience in civil litigation and the administrative process. He has successfully litigated claims in several forums, prosecuted Writs, and handled civil appeals. He has drafted and negotiated complex three party agreements in regulatory contexts and negotiated various beneficial financial settlements.

John graduated with a B.A. in Economics from UCLA, and a J.D. from USC Law School. He is a member of the State Bar of California.

For several years, John Michael Jensen was a law partnership with David Roberti, the long serving state senator and former President Pro Tem of the California state senate. Roberti Jensen LLP successfully litigated several cases on appeal, and won a multimillion dollar judgment against CalPERS, a large public entity.

 attorney a law lawyer Los Angeles Santa Monica
complex litigation  attorney a law lawyer Los Angeles Santa Monica
John Jensen attorney a law lawyer Los Angeles Santa Monica

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

John Michael Jensen has a diverse and robust practice, with an emphasis on litigation, business, labor and employment disputes, art law, non-profits, public employee pension benefit litigation, class action lawsuits, appellate work, unfair competition law, health insurance claims, attorney fee awards, estate litigation, and government claims.

Art Law: John Michael Jensen has experience advising artists and art professional on art related legal matters.

Business Law: John Michael Jensen has advised many business on contract related business matters, as well as regulatory matters.

Litigation, Writs & Appeals: John Michael Jensen has extensive experience in litigation, including the filing of civil appeals and pleadings before the California Supreme Court. John Michael Jensen also handled many cases involving writs of mandate and administrative mandamus, which are legal mechanisms used to compel government agencies or courts to perform a mandatory duty under the law.

Labor and Employment: John Michael Jensen represents plaintiffs in various labor and employment disputes. Their practice involves issues such as the proper classification of workers as independent contractors or employees, disputes over pay rates, and the unique disability claims of safety officers like police and firefighters.

Public Employee Pension Benefits Litigation: John Michael Jensen has a significant track record in litigating cases related to California’s public employee pension benefits, often involving disputes with the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) and California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS).

Class Actions – Plaintiff: John Michael Jensen’s experience includes representing plaintiffs in class action lawsuits, tackling complex and challenging claims against large entities, such as those involving the California Public Employees’ Retirement System.

Unfair Competition, Business and Professions Code Litigation: John Michael Jensen is well-versed in litigating claims related to unfair competition and violations of California’s Business and Professions Code sections 17200 and 17500, which pertain to business practices and advertising.

Health Insurance Reimbursement Claims, Out-of-Network Litigation: They also have significant experience with litigation related to health insurance reimbursement, particularly in the context of disputes over out-of-network charges.

Attorney Fee Awards: John Michael Jensen is skilled in securing attorney fee awards under legal theories, including the “catalyst” theory, which allows for fee recovery when a plaintiff’s lawsuit prompts a defendant to provide the relief sought or make significant changes.

Wills, Trusts, Estates Litigation: Their practice includes litigating complex and high-value disputes involving wills, trusts, and estates, often dealing with contentious issues of inheritance and fiduciary duty.

Government Claims Act Litigation: Lastly, John Michael Jensen is experienced in litigating under the Government Claims Act, which entails presenting claims against government entities and navigating the procedures and challenges that come with such litigation.

About : John Michael Jensen

John Michael Jensen is an attorney at law in the Los Angeles- Santa Monica area with a proven ability to handle complex legal issues across a broad spectrum of practice areas. He practices throughout California.

The Law Office of John Michael Jensen provides a full range of general practice, business, and other legal services. We have extensive experience in drafting agreements, negotiating and advising on business and government matters. We perform probate, trust, and other estate matters. We advise and draft real estate arrangements, sales, and other transfers. We provide a full complement of legal advice, opinions, and filings.

Published Cases

Chaidez v. Board of Administration of California Public Employees’ Retirement System (2014) 223 Cal.App.4th 1425, as modified (Feb. 27, 2014);

Concerned Dog Owners of California v. City of Los Angeles (2011) 194 Cal.App.4th 1219, 1224;

Danser v. California Public Employees’ Retirement System (2015) 240 Cal.App.4th 885;

Marzec v. California Public Employees Retirement System (2015) 236 Cal.App.4th 889;

Matus v. Board of Admin. of California Public Employees’ Retirement System (2009) 177 Cal.App.4th 597;

Molina v. Board of Admin., California Public Employees’ Retirement System (2011) 200 Cal.App.4th 53;

Tanner v. California Public Employees’ Retirement System (2016) 248 Cal.App.4th 743.