Law Offices of John Michael Jensen

Artificial Intelligence Law

John Jensen has experience in the law related to artificial intelligence.  March 2023 – Present

   allows individuals, solo attorneys and small law firms to retrieve more relevant legal information from large language models such as Open AI’s ChatGPT.  December 2022 – Present

  • AI and Law Advocacy: Identified Important Legal Issues, Advocated, and Spearheaded initiatives to maximize human well-being in the application of artificial intelligence to law. Addressed the transformative potential of AI in revolutionizing the legal field and its implications on fairness, impartiality, and justice.
  • Promotion of Justice and Due Process: Advocated for the regulated use of AI in law to ensure fair access, objective neutrality, defined boundaries (guard rails), accountability, and respect for individual privacy rights.
  • Fair Access to AI: Emphasized the need for society to have equitable access to AI resources, considering AI’s potential ubiquity and power. Explored the concept of regulating AI as an essential utility, ensuring its accessibility to all.
  • Objective and Neutral AI: Championed the development of an AI reference model trained to be neutral, factually correct, and unbiased. Highlighted the importance of having an objective AI source, free from commercial or political influence, to serve as a standard for cross-referencing and fact-checking.
  • Guard Rails & Human Values: Advocated for the implementation of “guard rails” in AI, ensuring its alignment with human values and positive societal outcomes.
  • Accountability in AI: Stressed the importance of AI transparency and the need for AI systems to be accountable for their decision-making processes.
  • Privacy and Data Protection: Emphasized the significance of respecting individual privacy in AI data sets. Advocated for selective opt-in mechanisms, allowing individuals to grant AI systems permission to use their private information for specific purposes.

Public Awareness & Engagement: Engaged with the broader community through various platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Medium, to raise awareness about the intersections of AI and law.